About Us

Welcome to Ashray The Restaurant, a culinary retreat established in 2003 by the visionary Mr. Rajendra Patel. For over two decades, we have proudly stood as Ahmedabad's premier dining establishment, offering not just meals but unforgettable experiences.

At Ashray, our mission transcends the ordinary; we aspire to be more than just a restaurant. We are a destination where culinary artistry harmonizes with warm hospitality, creating an inviting space for our cherished guests.

Dedicated to excellence, we uphold the highest standards of ingredient quality. Our commitment to your well-being is reflected in our avoidance of artificial colors and hydrogenated vegetable oils. Every dish is a testament to our pursuit of flavor, purity, and wholesomeness.

Behind the scenes, our passionate team, comprising seasoned chefs and friendly servers, strives to make each visit extraordinary. Whether it's a special celebration or a quick meal, we believe that the perfect blend of delectable dishes and exceptional service forms the foundation of a truly remarkable dining experience.

As you explore Ashray The Restaurant, we extend our sincere appreciation for choosing to embark on this culinary journey with us. Anticipate an authentic and outstanding dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary. We look forward to the privilege of making your moments special.